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Creative Drinks With A Blender

Posted on November 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

Thank heavens for blenders. These smart, convenient, little, kitchen helpers have made people’s lives around the world a whole lot easier. You just have to invest in a really durable one – particularly the ones with sharp and sturdy blades. With a vast market of blenders, there are probably hundreds of good brands to choose from.

Kitchen blenders can whip up almost anything imaginable – may it be fruit smoothies, vegetable juice, sauces or other bizarre pure food products. Having such culinary diversity all over the world, there are plenty, of dishes that require at least a basic blender or food processor. Some of the world’s best sauces, desserts and beverages would not have been possible without blenders.

A basic example of the extensive activity of blenders is blending fruit with milk. This can create an instant, refreshing beverage perfect for hot, summer days. In most tropical countries such as the Philippines, one can barely survive without having a basic kitchen blender on hand. “Ice pop” or “Agogo” (in some dialects) are examples of Filipino versions of popsicle. You just blend fruit, milk, water and sugar. Then, you wrap them individually in tiny plastic bags and freeze them.

Then there’s the universal, fruit smoothie. Ice, milk, water, sugar, fruit – the list of ingredients can go on. Making smoothies would be a breeze with a nice, kitchen blender at home. Fruit smoothies have been such a world-wide favorite that almost all food chains have incorporated this beverage into their menus. Some small-scale businesses even have fruit smoothies as their main product. You can only be amazed at the assortment of flavors and ingredients to choose from.

Protein shakes and meal replacement shakes have also emerged because of the user-friendliness of blenders. This entailed people to actually do away with cooking to prepare their meals. And since these shakes have somewhat been proven to increase fitness or induce weight loss, the roles of home blenders have since been more vital.

With regard to health, blenders can also help nourish people who have difficulty ingesting solid food by creating a puree of a balanced, well-calculated diet. With this, administering food through tubing would be possible. Thanks to the innovative human brain, people have since been expanding the use of blenders. One can only imagine how many millions of blenders have been manufactured for a variety of purposes. And who knows, what might the ordinary kitchen blender whip up next?

Six of the Best Blenders

Posted on November 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

The blender was invented in 1922 and Stephen Poplawski was the first person to consider a tall container with rotating blades at the base. The invention was intended to create soda fountain drinks. This appliance is no longer for soda fountains only. Blenders can create juices and smoothies, mix ingredients, crush nuts and ice and prepare medical formulations. Here is a short list of some of the blenders you can choose from:

1. Cuisinart Smart Power 7-Speed Chrome Blender

This might be a small blender but it has a powerful 350W motor and seven speed settings. The blender jar is 40 oz and you can choose a chrome or white finish. If you want to crush ice, you don’t have to add more liquid like you would have to with some other kinds of blenders.

2. Back to Basics Personal Blender

This is a great blender if you are on a budget. The motor is 350W and the container holds up to 24 oz. If you want a blender to create single serving juices and smoothies, this is a great machine. There are three settings, which are pulse, low and high and this machine features a built in mug which is very handy.

3. Braun PowerMax Jug Blender

This blender can hold up to 58 oz in the container, making it ideal for business use in a café or restaurant. There is a feeder hole so you can add more liquid while the motor is running without having to open the lid. A strong 525W motor makes this blender powerful.

4. Braun Hand Held Blender

This is a stand blender which is useful and elegant. Running on a 400W motor, this blender comes with attachments such as a chopper and whisk. You can fit this blender to the wall or the side of your working table because it is small and easy to mount.

5. Black and Decker Crush Master

Featuring ten speed settings and a 48 oz container, the Black and Decker Crush Master has a handy 2 oz measuring cup in the lid. This blender has a powerful 475W motor and is very versatile. There is a fast clean button on this blender, so you can add soap and water and the blender cleans itself.

6. Bosch Porsche Designer Stand Blender

This stylish blender sports a powerful 450W motor and the jug can hold up to six cups of liquid. This blender has a steel container and stainless steel blades, so making crushed ice is easy with this model.

As well as the above blenders, there are many other useful blender appliances to choose from, depending on what they are going to be used for. Blenders come in different colors and sizes and they have different features. You might want one which will crush ice and nuts or you might just want a basic model which will combine juices and make smoothies.

Why Would You Want a Professional Blender?

Posted on November 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Why would you want a professional blender? Because, of course, such blenders can do practically anything. Maybe you’ve seen the YouTube videos for the Blendtech blender. You know the one: “Will it blend?”

The answer is yes. In fact, they’ll blend anything from iPods to marbles. Now, you may not want to go out and buy an iPod or bag of marbles to blend, but you get the idea. And Blendtech is not the only brand out there that makes a good commercial blender. Other popular brands include Vitamix, Kitchen Aid and Waring-Commercial. Some, though not many, use commercial blenders in their personal kitchens.

The majority of such blenders, however, are sold to restaurants, bars, catering services and hotels. At prices ranging from $300-600, you can safely understand why. Some of them even sell for $1,000. If you’re a novice in the world of blenders, you may want to consider something a little cheaper than these, unless you know you love to blend. In that case, the more expensive machines are definitely worth the money.

You’ll get greater durability, and hey, you’ll get a damn fine smoothie! So, why would you want to shell out so much money on some fancy blender? Durability, for one thing. Each and every commercial blender is heavy-duty, so you’ll have absolutely no trouble crushing ice, for instance.

Plus, the fact of their durability is borne out by the terrific warranties many companies offer. They might cost you a little extra, but on the other hand, you’ll get a five- or ten-year warranty out of the deal just in case something goes wrong.

After all, commercial blender manufacturers usually sell to businesses, so they want to make sure their product is as reliable as it can be. The Vitamix, for example, has a seven-year warranty, which you can extend to ten years if you pay $75 for the privilege. But as we’ve seen, you can’t go wrong with a commercial blender.

So, choose your model, look at the warranty offer very closely, and buy one today! You won’t be sorry you did.