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A Quality Heavy-Duty Bar Blender Will Fill All Your Drink Mixing and Drink Recipe Needs

Posted on November 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Have you ever tasted a smoothie or were served a home made Ice cream? If you are wondering how these delicious things were created, well they were blended to perfection using a bar blender.

History: The blender, or bar blender, was invented by Stephen Poplawski in 1922. He was the first to put a spinning blade at the bottom of the container. He used his blender to create a soda fountain drink. For those of you who have not seen a blender, it is a small electrical equipment that has a tall container and blades that chop and grind food and beverages.

Today, bar blenders are seen everywhere and is commonly use in every food preparation. Bar blender is widely used in mixing drinks like daiquiris, margaritas and others. Some of the popular companies that manufacture commercial, heavy-duty blenders are the following:

1. Hamilton beach

2. Viking professional

3. Vita mix

4. Waring commercial

5. Blendtec

The bar blender has been around for a long time and has always been in top of the list of our kitchen requirements. Even with new products and technologies available in the market, we still can’t find anything that can do a better job in mixing solids and liquids quickly and efficiently.

There are two types of blenders:

1. Traditional blender

2. Immersion blender

The Traditional blender consists of a base that contains the motor and a container with blades at the bottom which performs the chopping or grinding action. The container also called the “carafe” is often made of glass or plastic but some manufacturers offer stainless steel carafes. All traditional blenders include a removable plastic container lid to keep the contents from spilling out the top.

The Immersion blender or the stick which has gained popularity in recent years, are all in one blending tool that consist of a slim power base attached to a metal shaft with a mixing blade in the end. They are called Immersion blender because you immerse the blade into the ingredients and not the other way around. These blenders are designed for light blending task. They do have the advantage of blending into any deep container available.

Choosing a blender: When choosing the right blender, you may want to consider different factors like power and performance. Also you may want to consider the materials and constructions, type of controls and appearance.

Before you buy, assess your needs. If you are planning to use it for your business then choose a powerful bar blender with a large container capacity.

If you are looking for something that will look good with your kitchen then appearance must be considered.

You should also consider the type of blending task you will perform. If you need to crush ice more often then buy a high end bar blender with powerful motor. If your blending needs are simple then buy a basic blender.

In the end you will always be the one to decide what blender to buy. Either a high end bar blender or a basic blender, as long as they can perform their task and is within your budget, it always is the best blender in the world for you.