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Creative Drinks With A Blender

Posted on November 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

Thank heavens for blenders. These smart, convenient, little, kitchen helpers have made people’s lives around the world a whole lot easier. You just have to invest in a really durable one – particularly the ones with sharp and sturdy blades. With a vast market of blenders, there are probably hundreds of good brands to choose from.

Kitchen blenders can whip up almost anything imaginable – may it be fruit smoothies, vegetable juice, sauces or other bizarre pure food products. Having such culinary diversity all over the world, there are plenty, of dishes that require at least a basic blender or food processor. Some of the world’s best sauces, desserts and beverages would not have been possible without blenders.

A basic example of the extensive activity of blenders is blending fruit with milk. This can create an instant, refreshing beverage perfect for hot, summer days. In most tropical countries such as the Philippines, one can barely survive without having a basic kitchen blender on hand. “Ice pop” or “Agogo” (in some dialects) are examples of Filipino versions of popsicle. You just blend fruit, milk, water and sugar. Then, you wrap them individually in tiny plastic bags and freeze them.

Then there’s the universal, fruit smoothie. Ice, milk, water, sugar, fruit – the list of ingredients can go on. Making smoothies would be a breeze with a nice, kitchen blender at home. Fruit smoothies have been such a world-wide favorite that almost all food chains have incorporated this beverage into their menus. Some small-scale businesses even have fruit smoothies as their main product. You can only be amazed at the assortment of flavors and ingredients to choose from.

Protein shakes and meal replacement shakes have also emerged because of the user-friendliness of blenders. This entailed people to actually do away with cooking to prepare their meals. And since these shakes have somewhat been proven to increase fitness or induce weight loss, the roles of home blenders have since been more vital.

With regard to health, blenders can also help nourish people who have difficulty ingesting solid food by creating a puree of a balanced, well-calculated diet. With this, administering food through tubing would be possible. Thanks to the innovative human brain, people have since been expanding the use of blenders. One can only imagine how many millions of blenders have been manufactured for a variety of purposes. And who knows, what might the ordinary kitchen blender whip up next?