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Hamilton Beach Food Blenders Are In High Demand

Posted on November 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

Commercial kitchens present a very busy environment for any chef. There is so much food preparation activity going on including; chopping, cutting, mixing, blending and much more. Depending on what dish the customer selects off the menu, you will have to do any one of these particular activities at any given time. Due to the busy nature of the commercial kitchen, Hamilton Beach introduced food blenders that save you preparation time.

The Hamilton Beach Food Blender is a great addition to any commercial kitchen as if offers chefs quality results in record time. It enables you to blend vegetables or fruit consistently every time. Its patented design keeps ingredients circulating through the blades to ensure that the contents are completely emulsified. No more chunks when you don’t want them. It is manufactured with a unique one-touch chopping function that thoroughly chops solid ingredients. In addition, it allows you to puree soups, emulsify salad dressing, grind flour, chop salsa as well as chop compotes.

This is achieved with the 3 HP motor which gives you maximum output power of 1.2 kilowatts. It is a powerful machine that takes up minimal space in the commercial kitchen. You can place the Hamilton Beach food blender on any kitchen counter top without being concerned about the space. It is an all-round commercial blender that is able to replace multiple commercial kitchen appliances. For safety purposes, the temperature gauge alerts you if the motor is becoming overheated. This safety alert helps you to prevent the unnecessary burnout of the motor. Plus, the Hamilton Beach Food Blender includes a jar pad sensor which helps to prevent wear and tear.

Now that we know that it is a powerful piece of catering equipment, what about the capacity? The Hamilton Beach Food Blender has a large jug capacity of 1.8 liters. You can comfortably and easily blend a lot of fruit or vegetables in this unit. This food blender also has a modern design which makes it a stylish addition to the modern commercial kitchen. This is especially convenient these days since the design and ambience of modern restaurants is the deciding factor for many patrons.

This is reliable and powerful catering equipment that is in high demand in the catering and food industry. It is capable of blending a wide variety of foods that speeds up the food preparation of many dishes. For busy chefs or caterers, the Hamilton Beach Food Blender is a worthy addition to your kitchen.