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Beat the Heat With Hamilton Beach Bar Blenders

Posted on October 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Spring is here but it feels more like summer already and earlier than expected. The hot days and warm nights are a recipe for chilling with your friends and summer drinks. It’s the time of the year when most people start preparing for the warm months ahead; which means enjoying great food and cool cocktails. This is where Hamilton Beach Bar Blenders shine, as they have a variety of bar blenders suitable for use by everyone from bar tenders to you and me.

Bar blenders are ideal for making a variety of cocktails and other ice drinks, such as a pina colada, martini, daiquiri, ‘mocktail’ or whatever drinks you prefer.

Hamilton Beach bar blenders are manufactured with a break resistant polycarbonate jug. This is great news for any bar owner because a bar has a party atmosphere. Sometimes during the course of the night rush, glasses and bottles can break or even the blender jug. The break resistant jug eliminates that concern.

These blenders are also equipped with a separate on/off switch and a high/low pulse. This adds convenience to this form of catering equipment. Having the switches separate eliminates confusion and allows you to control the machine. If you want to create a drink that doesn’t need to be blended completely, the pulse button allows you to blend the drink to your satisfaction. You can also either crush ice completely or just until it is a little chunky.

We all know how busy a bar can be. Every customer wants their drinks instantly and constantly so the bar tender needs to keep up; so does the bar blender. The Hamilton Beach blender is fitted with a patented rubber clutch system to prevent motor damage. You can keep using the blender on a daily basis and not worry about damage to the functioning of this kitchen equipment.

Hamilton Beach Bar Blenders are renowned for their quality and endurance. Along with their rubber clutch system, they are fitted with strengthened blades that are able to crush ice and blend thick drinks such as milkshakes and smoothies. You can make alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to suit everyone.

Hamilton Beach Bar Blenders are ideal for bars but also for restaurants and even family friendly restaurants. They are able to keep up with the demand of bar customers and restaurant customers such as parents and kids. This versatile kitchen product creates great drinks and adds value to any bar or restaurant.

Why Are Some Blenders Dangerous And Others Are Not?

Posted on October 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

Nowadays, people are so busy living in a fast-paced world where we try to make the most out of every minute. We go to the gym exercising as much as we can in an hour or so that we sometimes forget to eat or drink before and after working out. Smoothies are good source of energy whenever we work out. People love smoothies because of the ingredients used in making them. They contain fresh fruits and sometimes chocolates are even added for better taste. Smoothies are very easy to make provided that you have the right equipment. There are several blenders in the market today but you should choose the best blender for you.

According to the news, some kitchen blenders are dangerous to use because of the design and quality of materials used in manufacturing them. There is one controversial blender brand that was recalled earlier this year because of the possibility of having the user lacerated. When it was tested, it was found out that the pitcher can come off from the machine. There were also several incidents of untoward accidents that happened while using that blender. This is a concrete example why some blenders are dangerous to use. This is also the reason why you should buy the best blender that is surely worth its price.

What should you look for in a blender? First, it should be sturdy enough to process even the hardest food. Brand is not the only thing you should look at although you should consider buying a blender that was made by a reputable company. Second, you should also look at the features of the blender. The best blender should have adequate choices for speed. People actually find three-speed blenders enough for their usage. The blade should be removable so that it would be easy for the owner to clean it. Food can get stuck under the blade and if it is not cleaned properly, the cleanliness of the food is compromised. The suggested material of the container is polycarbonate because it cannot be broken and scratched easily. Of course, lastly, you should consider the price of the blender. The best blender does not necessarily cost a lot. Online reviews are helpful because it will give you an overview of the blender before shelling out cash.

Two of the best blenders in the market nowadays are Vitamix and Blendtec. Yes, these are quite expensive for blenders but they are surely worth the tag price. They can make perfect smoothies and can also handle hot soups. But then again, brand and price should not be the only factors that you should consider in finding the best blender for you.


Buy a Blender For Your Kitchen, You’ll Be So Glad You Did

Posted on October 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

If you’re a a whiz in the kitchen there’s one thing that your kitchen cannot be without. A blender. A blender is one of the simplest yet most useful tools you can ever have in your kitchen.

A blender is simply a base with a motor inside it that drives a rotating blade. The blade is located in a container which locks onto the base to engage the motor, and when you start your blender that rotating blade spins extremely fast. With very sharp edges just about any food placed in the blender will be chopped up into small pieces.

A blender is the little brother to a food processor. Whilst a food processor is designed primarily for processing hard foods such as carrots, a blender has a smaller motor and is more appropriate for making drinks, soups and purees.

A blender usually has several speeds to choose from so that you can decide how blended you wish your drink to be.

For heavy duty food processing choose a food processor with a range of different blades and processing options. But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative primarily for making yummy drinks, soups and ice cream a blender is the perfect choice.

It only takes a moment to whip up a banana smoothie. Smoothies of all descriptions are simple and easy to make and far healthier for the family to drink than a soft drink. You can add all sorts of healthy things to a smoothie to get your kids to eat healthy food such as fruits. Kids absolutely love a strawberry or raspberry smoothie, or one made out of of any other fruit.

Why not sneak a little bran into the smoothie, the kids won’t even notice.

And for mum and dad there’s plenty of choices of drinks to make with a blender as well. There’s a huge range of cocktails that you can make to help you relax at the day’s end.

How about soup? Home-made soup is a wonderful way to add vegetables to the menu, and a great way to get kids eating more healthy vegetables. Pea and ham soup is tasty, nutritious and cheap and easy to make with a blender.

Then there’s ice cream. Have a look at the list of ingredients on the label of commercial ice cream, you’ll be horrified by what is in there. But purchase a blender, some fruit, milk and cream and you can make wonderful tasting ice cream with no artificial preservatives or additives that is filled with real fruit.

So if you’re a busy mum who is looking for some new ideas for making extra special treats for the family consider buying a blender. You’ll be extremely happy that you did.